Love in Orbit Manhwa
Yaoi Manga

Love in Orbit by Lattepanda – Ch. 24.5 [Eng]

Manhwa: Love in Orbit; Gravityless Love
Mangaka: Lattepanda
Language: English

Love in Orbit Manhwa Plot: Some people win the lottery or find their dream job, but Sohan…has an alien spaceship land on his brand-new house?! To make matters even worse, there’s an – admittedly sexy – alien inside threatening to wipe out the entire population. Sihwa has come to earth in search of someone specific and has no qualms about using Sohan to get what he wants. The thing is, things work differently on Sihwa’s home planet, and he seems to be expecting things from Sohan that sound downright impossible! Nevertheless, Sohan finds himself making a deal: help Sihwa find the person he’s looking for in exchange for the safety of humanity. But will this strange partnership turn into something…out of this world?

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