Houkago Hachimitsu Manga
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Houkago Hachimitsu by Hamada Kamome [Eng]

Manga: Houkago Hachimitsu
Author: Hamada Kamome
Language: English

Houkago Hachimitsu Manga Plot: Why am I in a place like this…… kissing HIM……?” Awkward class loner Mitsuo Hanaori has a pet peeve – the handsome and popular Hachiya, who’s always at the center of the class. He has soft hair and clear skin, everything comes easy to him, and his voice is easy on the ears – it’s all just so irritating…… But Mitsuo can’t take his eyes off Hachiya, who scores perfect shots in basketball class, and he twists his ankle as a result. After helping walk Mitsuo to the nurse’s office, for some reason Hachiya suddenly brings his face close as if to kiss him!! Mitsuo’s freaking out and his heart’s pounding like crazy, and to his mortification, his JUNK is responding……! To make things worse, ever since that day, Hachiya’s started coming onto him on a daily basis…… Just what the hell is going on!?

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