Gomen ne Idol-kun by KOJIMA Lalako
Yaoi Manga

Gomen ne Idol-kun by KOJIMA Lalako [Eng]

Manga: Gomen ne Idol-kun
Author: KOJIMA Lalako
Language: English

Plot: Genki has finally made his debut in an idol group, “Sexy Dangerous”, attributing to their characters, but really, he’s as clumsy as a 15 year old can get.

One day, he walks in on the member he has a secret crush on having xxx with his rival in the music room! Idol-senpai, Suzuhara, notices his broken heart and Genki’s emotions start to sway, but it seems that he’s only being treated like a child?!

The dramatic youth of these idols to which the rule of love is forbidden to chase after their dreams!

Also written and included is the brute and passionate H-love between Chihaya x Yoshitomo!

*Included to commemorate Libre Publisher’s special project for its new year is Hataoka-sensei’s “Mousou-kun no Futari Asobi”, a newly written paper.

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