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Dedicated to the Arrogant You by Seok Seo – Uncensored – Ch. 16 [Eng]

Manhwa: Dedicated to the Arrogant You – Uncensored
Mangaka: Seok Seo
Language: English

Dedicated to the Arrogant You Manhwa Plot: A handsome face, a strong body, and even financial power. A demonic gay white robe that has everything to have. The only thing he doesn’t have is… a conscience!
Eui-geon meets a man he liked at the club again at the lecture.
I approach the man, Song Da-joon, to sleep somehow, but Da-joon only escapes like a mudfish.
Eui-geon, who tried to forget Da-joon while spending time with other sexes by taking advantage of King God Gay’s pride, is in a crisis of transcendental climax where he cannot stand without Da-joon.
Meanwhile, when Da-joon is fired from tutoring due to Eui-geon’s mistake, Eui-geon approaches Da-joon and asks him to tutor German.

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